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Packaging & Delivery Arrangement

Normal Packing
***The current epidemic has affected the operation of delivery to various degrees. The transit time of all shipments will not be guaranteed. You are suggested to check the latest status at SF website. As Air freight services are also affected, if orders are related to United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States, please contact our customer service specialists for the latest information and delivery arrangement. *** Themed gift box or eco-friendly shipping carton are available for selected Gift sets. Eco-friendly shipping carton is used as XOVĒ standard packaging for single product.
Please select the number of Pink faux leather embossed gold foil stamping gift boxes below.
Gift wrapping box Size: 35 X 35 X 9 cm
Other Gift box packaging is not available for overseas orders.
Please select the number of paper bags below if needed.
Gift wrapping bag Size: 23 X 23 X 10 cm