【Online Exclusive】White Truffle Daily Strengthening Set – XOVĒ Skincare
【Online Exclusive】White Truffle Daily Strengthening Set

【Online Exclusive】White Truffle Daily Strengthening Set

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[What’s inside]

The Treatment Essence 100ml

This powerful revitalizing essence infused with W-TruComplex® is a crucial first step in skin rejuvenation. It forms an invisible liquid mesh that binds perfectly with subsequent products, and chauffeurs active ingredients deep into the skin’s inner layers to revitalize and nourish from within.


Aqua Glow Miracle Mask 35ml x 5pcs

Velvet and soft as silk, the unique cutting is specially designed to fit the contours of the face. Blending multiple moisturising essences to infuse dry skin with moisture instantly. Skin is glowing, firming, and luminating after use.




Restoring Hydra-Plus Booster 10ml

Dual hydrating essence infused with active molecules which are extracted from White Truffle penetrates the skin and releases moisture. Hence, it will boost the elasticity, lock in moisture for soothing dry skin, and make the skin supple.


Hydration Recovery Gel Mask 30ml

Combined with natural plant extracts for in-depth exfoliation and cleansing, it refines pores and protects skin from harmful substances, and rebuilds the skin defense mechanism.