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Time Reversal Ampoule
Time Reversal Ampoule
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Time Reversal Ampoule

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3.5ml x 5pcs

Product Description

15 days intensive treatment, bringing together the signature white truffle extract (W-TruComplex ®) and a variety of super-effective ingredients, can enhance cell function, tighten and enhance contours and skin elasticity. It alsoimprove early lines and wrinkles, help you repair the traces of the years as well as to reproduce the delicate soft skin.

Key Benefits

Repair and Regeneration
The source of life for cell repair and regeneration, injects essential nutrients into the skin, strengthens the defense barrier, enhances the rejuvenation of the underlying cells, deep repairs, and repairs traces of aging.

Dense Moisturizing
Deep and long-lasting moisturizing while reducing moisture evaporation, helping to repair the skin.

Calm and Soothe
Soothes sensitive skin and repairs fragile skin barriers.


Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, apply two to three drops on the face, and then use the essence and cream as needed. It is recommended to continuous use for 15 days as an intensive, deep repair treatment to achieve the ultimate repair effect.