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Revitalizing Eye Mask

Revitalizing Eye Mask

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5pairs x 2.8g

Product Description

The unique texture of the water-coagulated jelly film can closely adhere to the contour of the eye fundus and help the ingredients to penetrate more. Rich in anti-aging ingredients and natural plant extracts, which can focus on repairing common eye skin problems, instantly relieve puffiness, and bring moisturizing, smoothing, lifting and diminishing eye circles, evenly dividing the skin tone.

Key Benefits

Dark Circle Removal
Multiple ingredients fight against dark spots, and energise blood microcirculation around the eye areas.

Eliminate puffiness
Improve metabolism, tighten eye contours, and lift eye bags.

Anti-Wrinkles and Firming
Promote skin cell metabolism and collagen production, deeply moisturise and nourish the skin elasticity around the eyes, while also diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, maintaining firmness and elasticity.

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


Use after cleansing and The Treatment Essence. Apply the eye mask under eye area and press gently with your fingers to ensure the mask evenly adhere to the area. Remove after 20-25 minutes and pat the remaining essence until it is completely absorbed.