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Renewing Eye Gel Set

Renewing Eye Gel Set

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[What’s inside]

Renewing Eye Gel 30ml

Reducing temperature near the eye areas for 2.2° and instantly relieve tired eyes. With multiple types of plant extracts that enhance blood microcirculation and hence diminish dark circles.


The Treatment Essence 30ml

Signature product of XOVĒ, the crucial first step in skin rejuvenation. It forms an invisible liquid mesh that binds perfectly with subsequent products, and chauffeurs active ingredients deep into the skin’s inner layers to revitalize and nourish from within.

Purifying Peel 5pc

Gently exfoliates old dead skin cells, instantly brightens skin tone, and improves dullness, pigmentation and other problems. With just one rub, you can have smooth and radiant skin.

Ultra Whitening Mask 1pc

It is a complex whitening essence with intensive osmotic pressure of 27ml for the skin, inhibits melanin precipitation, doubles whitening and repairs, and purifies and brightens the skin.