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Renewing Eye Gel

Renewing Eye Gel

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Product Description

Experience frost and glow in just 2 minutes for a 2.2°C reduction in temperature near the eye areas, with cooling and refreshing effects that last for 20 minutes*. Relieve tiring eyes while accelerating blood mircocirculation, effective in banishing dark circles for youthful blink.

Key Benefits

Frost and Glow
Reducing temperature near the eye areas for 2.2°C for 20 minutes*. Instantly relieving tired eyes.

Banishing Dark Circles
Multiple types of plant extracts enhance blood microcirculation around the eyes, and hence diminish dark circles.

Nourishing and Protective
Dual moisturising ingredients nourish the delicate eye areas while strengthening the barrier for better protection.

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


Apply a pearl size amount around the eye areas day and night. Press gently until fully absorbed.

*Dermatologically tested