[eShop exclusive] Radiance Skin Set – XOVĒ Skincare
[eShop exclusive]  Radiance Skin Set

[eShop exclusive] Radiance Skin Set

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Moisturises and repair skin instantly with Cell Boosting Essence-in-emulsion. With extra 5 types of products to lock in moisture and refines pores and protects skin from harmful substances.

[What’s inside]

Cellular Brightening Activator 10ml

Fusing extracts of White Truffle and various plants, the brightening essence blends the trinity of trio anti-oxidant ingredients into the skin, diminishes and prevents dark spots while improving skin tone.

Renewing Eye Gel 5ml x 2

Experience frost and glow in just 2 minutes for a 2.2°C reduction in temperature near the eye areas, with cooling and refreshing effects that last for 20 minutes*. Relieve tiring eyes while accelerating blood mircocirculation, effective in banishing dark circles for youthful blink.

White Truffle Cell Boosting Essence-in-emulsion 5ml

Contains multiple active antioxidant ingredients, and a variety of plant extracts that can prevent free radical damage while infusing youthful energy into the skin. It repairs and rejuvenates cells while smoothing wrinkles to restore firmness and elasticity, giving you a youthful glow in just 4 weeks.

Restoring Skin-Renewal Gel Cream 12ml x 2

Active molecules extracted from White Truffle and compound vitamin essence hydrate and nourish skin while reducing the appearances of wrinkles and protecting skin from oxidative stress for soft and emollient skin.

Hydration Recovery Gel Mask 30ml

Rich in complex peptides and amino acids that soothe and restore dry and sensitive skin while keeping skin hydrated and healthy, moisture content increases significantly by 18% in 8 hours after use*. Combined with natural plant extracts for in-depth exfoliation and cleansing, it refines pores and protects skin from harmful substances, and rebuilds the skin defense mechanism.


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The story of XOVĒ originates from Switzerland and white truffles. White truffles are blessed with magnificent restoration power and superoxide dismutase (SOD), which its anti-oxidant power is 80 times of sheep placenta extract and 1,000 times of vitamin E. It can remove free radicals that damage the skin, as well as repair damaged cells.