[eShop exclusive] Upgrade Limited Lifting Hydration Skincare Kit – XOVĒ Skincare
[eShop exclusive] Upgrade Limited Lifting Hydration Skincare Kit

[eShop exclusive] Upgrade Limited Lifting Hydration Skincare Kit

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Hydrate and tighten your skin with Brilliant Hydra-Acute Mask, Placenta Bio-Cell Nourishing Masque and Hydration Recovery Gel Mask, followed by Skin Reset Tonic and Aqua Micellar Water (Moisturizing Makeup Remover) to reveal youth!

[What’s inside]

Skin Reset Tonic 30ml

Replenishes minerals , effectively moisturizes and soothes, strengthens absorption and skin barrier. Oil-free forumla rebalances oiliness to reveal fresh skin .

Brilliant Hydra-Acute Mask 30ml x 2 sheet

Infuse skin with rich composite active nutrients, deeply hydrate and soothe to strengthen skin barrier and reveal glowing skin.

Placenta Bio-Cell Nourishing Masque 28ml x 2 sheet

Made with fiber from naturally fermented Coconut, the innovative “Renewal Bio-Cell Nourishing Masque” is rich in peptide essence that adheres to the face to revitalise and repair the skin while moisturising and energising it.

Hydration Recovery Gel Mask 30ml

Contains rich compound peptides and amino acids, which can effectively soothe and repair dryness. After 8 hours of usage , the skin's moisture will instantly increase by 18% *. With natural plant extracts, it can deeply clean and refine pores for rebuilding skin's defense functions.

Aqua Micellar Water 40ml

Enriched with Japanese hot spring water and up to 95% of beauty ingredients, it completely removes the traces of makeup with moisturizes. With the mild formula, it is free of alcohol, oil, fragrance, coloring, petroleum mineral oil and Paraben preservatives.


*The effect is clinically tested

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The story of XOVĒ originates from Switzerland and white truffles. White truffles are blessed with magnificent restoration power and superoxide dismutase (SOD), which its anti-oxidant power is 80 times of sheep placenta extract and 1,000 times of vitamin E. It can remove free radicals that damage the skin, as well as repair damaged cells.