【Online Exclusive】Brightening Duo Set – XOVĒ Skincare
【Online Exclusive】Brightening Duo Set

【Online Exclusive】Brightening Duo Set

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[Set Contents]

Whitening Radiance Starter 30ml

A complex of white truffles and whitening essence, can prevent and reduce UV damage to the skin, provide high-efficiency antioxidant protection, inhibit and disperse melanin, thereby improving pigmentation and skin tone inequality problem. The formula is specially added with active ingredients that can gently exfoliate, enhance skin metabolism, improve roughness and dullness while enhancing the skin's ability to absorb whitening ingredients, whitening and brightening in all directions. After 14 consecutive days, 100% of skin tone is recognized and *91.5% of acne marks can be faded*.

*Dermatologically tested


Brightening Restorative Cream 50ml

A bottle of multi-effect whitening cream, with Trio White Triple Brightening Whitening Complex, blocks the formation of melanin from the root, lightens the pigmentation while anti-oxidant and brightens, so that the skin will bloom with a radiant white radiance. Contains a variety of repairing ingredients, effectively moisturizing and locking water, repairing and strengthening the skin barrier, creating a moisturizing white milk muscle. Use twice daily in the morning and evening to reduce melanin by 31.4%* after 28 days.


On the 28th, melanin decreased by 31.4%*;

Within 56 days, skin radiance increased by 46%*;


*Effect is clinically tested