[eShop exclusive] Limited Lifting Hydration Skincare Kit – XOVĒ Skincare
[eShop exclusive] Limited Lifting Hydration Skincare Kit

[eShop exclusive] Limited Lifting Hydration Skincare Kit

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Hydrate and tighten your skin with Brilliant Hydra-Acute Mask and Placenta Bio-Cell Nourishing Masque, followed by Skin Reset Tonic, a selection of booster and cream to reveal youth!

[What’s inside]

Skin Reset Tonic 30ml

Replenishes minerals , effectively moisturizes and soothes, strengthens absorption and skin barrier. Oil-free forumla rebalances oiliness to reveal fresh skin .

Brilliant Hydra-Acute Mask 30ml x 1 sheet

Infuse skin with rich composite active nutrients, deeply hydrate and soothe to strengthen skin barrier and reveal glowing skin.

Placenta Bio-Cell Nourishing Masque 28ml x 1 sheet

Made with fiber from naturally fermented Coconut, the innovative “Renewal Bio-Cell Nourishing Masque” is rich in peptide essence that adheres to the face to revitalise and repair the skin while moisturising and energising it.

Advanced Renewal 3ml

Extracting more than 200 different active molecules from White Truffle, providing the skin with abundant nutrients that nourish and revitalise the cells. Firm and diminish fine lines and wrinkles to fight against signs of aging.

Cellular Brightening Activator 3ml

Fusing extracts of White Truffle and various plants, the brightening essence blends the trinity of trio anti-oxidant ingredients into the skin, diminishes and prevents dark spots while improving skin tone.

Link & Lift Eye Treatment 3ml

Anti-oxidant solution that helps tackle dark spots and revitalise delicate skin around eye areas. Eye brightening complex effectively prevents the formation of dark spots and enhances blood microcirculation while diminishing aging signs including dark circles, puffiness, eye bags and wrinkles. Eye brightening complex effectively lift and moisturise skin, giving it a blinking glow.

XOVĒ Compact Mirror

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The story of XOVĒ originates from Switzerland and white truffles. White truffles are blessed with magnificent restoration power and superoxide dismutase (SOD), which its anti-oxidant power is 80 times of sheep placenta extract and 1,000 times of vitamin E. It can remove free radicals that damage the skin, as well as repair damaged cells.