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Skin Barrier Repair Set

Skin Barrier Repair Set

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Skin Barrier Repair Set

Skin is purified and skin barrier is strengthened all-day-long with the cleansing foam and tonic. Further maintain healthy and young skin with caviar mask.

[What’s inside]

Transforming Supreme Cleansing Foam 120ml

Thoroughly removes impurities while replenishing moisture that soothes and strengthens skin barrier. Free of pigments, paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil or foaming agents.

Skin Reset Tonic 130ml

Strengthens the skin barrier (filaggrin) by 350%, enhances the absorption, self-healing and defense capabilities of the skin. Protects skin from stimulation and rebuilds skin barrier all-day-long.

Caviar W-Tru Recovery Mask 50ml

Contains concentrated active caviar essence that provides the skin with essential nutrients, and activates cellular renewal to rejuvenate the skin. Massage the face to remove impurities and dirt for refreshing skin.

Note: Caviar W-tru Recovery Mask cannot be shipped to Macau and Taiwan, please contact XOVĒ Beauty Specialist for further arrangement.


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The story of XOVĒ originates from Switzerland and white truffles. White truffles are blessed with magnificent restoration power and superoxide dismutase (SOD), which its anti-oxidant power is 80 times of sheep placenta extract and 1,000 times of vitamin E. It can remove free radicals that damage the skin, as well as repair damaged cells.