【Online Exclusive】White Truffle Skin Rejuvenation Set – XOVĒ Skincare
【Online Exclusive】White Truffle Skin Rejuvenation Set

【Online Exclusive】White Truffle Skin Rejuvenation Set

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[What’s inside]

The Treatment Essence 100ml

Signature product of XOVĒ, the crucial first step in skin rejuvenation. It forms an invisible liquid mesh that binds perfectly with subsequent products, and chauffeurs active ingredients deep into the skin’s inner layers to revitalize and nourish from within.


Aqua Balancing Serum 10ml

Refreshing texture effectively minimizes pores and rebalances oiliness. Skin finesse increases 17% and freshness increases 13% after use.


Restoring Skin-Renewal Gel Cream 12ml

Light texture to hydrate and restore dry and damaged skin cells, reducing the appearances of wrinkles and strengthening skin protective barrier.


Restoring Hydra-Plus Booster 10ml

Infused with dual moisturizing ingredients and multi-layered amino acid, it penetrates the skin and replenishes moisture, locking in moisture for soothing dry skin, and making the skin supple.