【Online Exclusive】Ultra Whitening Combo – XOVĒ Skincare
【Online Exclusive】Ultra Whitening Combo

【Online Exclusive】Ultra Whitening Combo

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 [What’s inside]

The Treatment Essence 100ml

Signature product of XOVĒ, the crucial first step in skin rejuvenation. It forms an invisible liquid mesh that binds perfectly with subsequent products, and chauffeurs active ingredients deep into the skin’s inner layers to revitalize and nourish from within.

Whitening Radiance Starter 30ml

A whitening essence that prevents and reduces UV damage to the skin, provides antioxidant protection, inhibits and disperses melanin, and improves pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Ultra Whitening Mask 27ml x 5pcs

It is a complex whitening essence with intensive osmotic pressure of 27ml for the skin, inhibits melanin precipitation, doubles whitening and repairs, and purifies and brightens the skin.


Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm 15ml

Skin-touching oil-based makeup remover white and makeup-cleaning oil-based makeup remover that creates a brand of makeup remover and makeup remover, but puts pressure on pores, making makeup remover oil to makeup remover. , while brightening and hydrating, purifying the skin.

Brightening Restorative Cream 8ml

Deeply nourishes and activates skin cells, deeply moisturizes and removes wrinkles, and tightens contours.

Cellular Brightening Activator 5ml

Fusing extracts of White Truffle and various plants, the brightening essence blends the trinity of trio anti-oxidant ingredients into the skin, diminishes and prevents dark spots while improving skin tone.