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Timeless Eye Essence

Timeless Eye Essence

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It is available in Hong Kong only.



Product Description

Infuse nourishment into the eye skin for firming  and moisturizing, even brightening the eye area. With orchid stem cells, this Eye Essence stimulates the proliferation of collagen, which helps to reduce eye wrinkles, and helps the eye skin become youthful and vigorous.

Key Benefits

The high-efficiency formula has anti-wrinkle and firming effects, while promoting collagen proliferation, diminishing eye wrinkles, and reshaping charming eyes.

Skin Brightening
Effectively anti-oxidant and brighten the skin at the same time, with a significant increase of 13.7%* in gloss within 2 months.

Deep Penetration
Strong penetrating power and brings continuous and obvious care to the skin, regaining youthful radiance.


Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


Apply appropriate amount day and night, and use your fingertips to gently press around the eyes in a circular motion.


*Dermatologically tested